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Corporate Business Reporting can be overwheming to say the least. Late filing penalties are substantial and interest on outstanding balances add up quickly.

We'll do our part to keep you on track so you can manage your business. Come on in and we'll discuss what you need help with.

** REQUIRED ** Heron Tax must be authorized as a representative with access to your online CRA business account.

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GST/PST Services

If you're required to collect GST/PST I'll need to know what your reporting requirements are. **Requires access to your CRA Online GST/PST Accounts.

The CRA prefers your GST34 Return be submitted online. I can submit your GST/PST online or you can do this through your bank. We can discuss your requirements & options. Services include:
  1)   Calculating GST/ITC & PST Amounts
  2)   Preparing GST/PST CRA Reports
  3)   Online Submission of CRA Reports
  4)   Tracking of GST/PST payments

Payroll Services

Whether you pay just yourself and/or employees you are obligated to know and report your payroll withholdings per the CRAs requirements. **Requires access to your CRA Online Payroll Account.

In most businesses payroll is one of your biggest expenses. Starting off knowing your budget and with an organized plan will keep you, the CRA and your employees happy. Services include:
  1)   Calculating Tax, CPP, EI & WCB withholdings
  2)   Preparing payroll cheques & statements
  3)   Completing CRA payroll reports
  4)   Tracking all payroll expenses

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