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Bookkeeping is time consuming and very critical to the success of your business.

We'll do our part to keep you on track so you can manage your business. Come on in and we'll discuss what you need help with.

** REQUIRED ** Heron Tax must be authorized as a representative with access to your online CRA business account to provide some services.

Select a topic below for more details.

Getting Started

Key items to bring include, but not limited to:
  >   Business/GST Number
  >   CRA Statements/Reports
  >   Last completed Financial Stmts
  >   Chart of Accounts (if available)
  >   Bank & Credit Card Statements
  >   Income & Expense Receipts

The above list will help get us started. We will need to discuss what type of business you have, what services you require and where you struggle most.

Why Invest in a Bookkeeper?

In a nutshell .. Bookkeeping is the act of tracking all money coming in and going out of your business for two main reasons:
  1)   To meet your CRA reporting obligations
  2)   Enables you to make knowledgable financial decisions

As your Bookkeeper I'll work with you to ensure you stay up-to-date tracking financials to meet your reporting obligations with the CRA. I'm also happy to offer advice and tools that will make staying organized a little easier.

Bookkeeping Services

The cost of bookkeeping depends on your business. If you have a lot of different sources of income, incur hundreds of expenses then the number of transactions you'll have will be higher.

Services include:
  1)   Setting up Chart of Accounts
  2)   Entering Income & Expense Transactions
  3)   Reconciling Bank & Credit Card Statements
  4)   Organizing Monthly Receipts
  5)   Monthly Reports
  6)   Preparation of Financial Statements

GST/PST Services

If you're required to collect GST/PST I'll need to know what your reporting requirements are. **Requires access to your CRA Online GST/PST Accounts.

The CRA prefers your GST34 Return be submitted online. I can submit your GST/PST online or you can do this through your bank. We can discuss your requirements & options. Services include:
  1)   Calculating GST/ITC & PST Amounts
  2)   Preparing GST/PST CRA Reports
  3)   Online Submission of CRA Reports
  4)   Tracking of GST/PST payments

Payroll Services

Whether you pay just yourself and/or employees you are obligated to know and report your payroll withholdings per the CRAs requirements. **Requires access to your CRA Online Payroll Account.

In most businesses payroll is one of your biggest expenses. Starting off knowing your budget and with an organized plan will keep you, the CRA and your employees happy. Services include:
  1)   Calculating Tax, CPP, EI & WCB withholdings
  2)   Preparing payroll cheques & statements
  3)   Completing CRA payroll reports
  4)   Tracking all payroll expenses

T4/T4A Year End Processing

Regardless of whether you have employees or subcontractors you are required by March 1st of each year to provide T4 Slips for your employees and T4A Slips for contractors. All amounts must match your payroll & expenses as reported to the CRA. Services include:
  1)   Preparing T4 & T4A Slips
  2)   Submit T4 & T4A CRA Summary Reports


Now that all of your records are nicely organized and kept together in one place .. if the CRA comes calling to audit your records they're all ready and available.